16-year-old actor and TikToker Sissy Sheridan recently shared a video to her popular TikTok channel in which she was crying and distressed.

She shared that she went to get her ears pierced at an Icing by Claire's store in Virginia. When she got her ear pierced, the employee pierced the face mask she was wearing to her ear. Sissy and her mother, Leisa, provided several videos and photos showing the strap of her mask still lodged in the back of her ear, even after they attempted to cut around it.

They even sent the images and videos to the district manager of the store asking for a full refund, but they were told they would have to remove the earring and return it to the store to get the refund.

Sheridan recalled the wild events with Buzzfeed News saying at first she was really upset and hurt, but eventually she saw the humor in the situation. She continued, "This is funny - what are the odds this happens?"