Matthew McConaughey has been a narrator on the Calm App since his 2018 debut.

He does the narration on "Wonder," one of Calm's Sleep Stories selections. He's just one of several other famous narrators along with the likes of LeBron James, and Harry Styles. During a recent "Future Of Wellness" virtual meditation, McConaughey was joined by Calm's head of mindfulness Tamara Levitt. It was confirmed during their chat that McConaughey's bedtime story has been streamed more than 11 million times since its 2018 debut.

A good portion of the uptick in streams is due to the pandemic, Levitt shared "We've definitely seen an uptick in our usage. They're coming to our app to look for meditation, to deal with stress and anxiety, and sleep of course."

While McConaughey's calming voice may be helping many deal with the pandemic, he shared what he's doing for himself; He says he's exercising, taking long drives, listening music, and spending a lot of time in his kitchen.