The popular shoe retailer Zappos is making it easier for customers to find their perfect fit.

They announced the launch of the Single and Different Size Shoes Test Program, which is a more inclusive approach to shoe shopping and is meant to help everyone find their perfect fit. Zappos noted that they've had many requests from customers about selling single shoes, or shoes of different sizes and the program is stemming from those requests.

According to their website, Zappos is selling single shoes from six brands: Converse, Kizik New Balance, Stride Ride, BILLY Footwear, Plae, and Nike. The shoes are available in sizes ranging from toddler to a women's 13 or men's 18, as well as various widths. And as far as pricing goes, Zappos shared that they will cost exactly half the price of a pair.

The new program will allow you to buy two different sizes in a shoe, if necessary. It also means that you can now buy mismatched shoes, if you're into that trend.