Amy and her family just moved into a new home this year. With a move to a new house and new location, there will always be some challenges and things you have to work through. That was the case for Amy.

She has never lived as an adult in a home that has a HOA. For those who aren't aware, a HOA is a Homeowners Association and when one lives in an HOA community, they have to follow certain rules and regulations set by that HOA. One of the biggest regulations comes when doing house projects or are wanting to paint the outside color of the home. Amy's home was brick and she doesn't like brick houses so she wanted to paint their home white.

She sent off her paint request to the HOA and it got declined. She found out her next door neighbor's outdoor paint color is the exact same color she was requesting. Amy was understandably frustrated and it was her favorite color and didn't want to change color directions, so she found away around the situation. She took her favorite paint color to the store and asked them to match her paint color with another brand and name. The paint store was able to match the original color she had chosen with another brand and another name at the almost exact same color.

So Amy took her "new color" and sent it off to the HOA for approval. And it got accepted! So Amy was able to paint her house the color she wanted, all she had to do was get a different paint name and things worked out for her family.

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