I know you have a job to do and are trying to make a commission but keep in mind that this is MY HOME and you were NOT invited.

I live in Meridian and get quite a few door to door salesmen and solicitors. The most common is for solar panels, siding, roofs, overall home improvement and pest control. I had a situation recently with a pest control salesman that upset me, probably too much.

I had an incredibly busy week and had just gotten my man off to work and my son off to camp. I had a couple of glorious hours to myself, something that very, very rarely happens. No more than 15 minutes into my incredibly valuable and limited *me-time* the door bell rings. I am not expecting anyone and can see in the video cam it is not anyone I know. So I engorge it. It rings again.

Um, ok, I take a deep breath and then the knocking starts. Seriously dude? Then ANOTHER bell ring. I should also mention, my garage is usually quite full and I specifically moved things around so I could park inside the garage, not only for the heat but so that NO ONE would bother me! It looked like no one was home but this guy wouldn't let up.

I, already being frustrated at this point open the front door. The guy, in a hat and shirt with a spider on it, doesn't even look up from his iPad to say hello, introduce himself or anything. Without even looking at me the first thing he says is "Well it looks like I have Tuesday at 1pm or Thursday at..."

"WHAT!?" I say, "Who are you?! If you are on my doorstep I at least expect a hello!" at this point I am pissed and feel disrespected at my own home. He finally looks up and can tell I am not having it. He continues being pushy though, which appalled me. This is when I -maybe- overreacted and yelled at him to get off my property and slammed the door in his face.

I tried to get back to my lovely and quickly expiring me-time but was still still boiling and decided I wasn't done giving this guy a peace of my mind. This is when I -definitely- over reacted and stomped out of my front door looking a hot mess. I look around the cul de sac and see him talking to my neighbor.

That's when the crazy lady -me- yelled something along the lines of. "You are one of the rudest humans I have ever encountered! For the record if someone doesn't answer the door on the first or for god sakes second ring that means they DONT want to talk to you. I cant believe you are in sales! You should be ashamed of yourself, NEVER EVER step foot on my property again! Get out of our cul de sac!"

What do you think? Did I go overboard or was is deserved? My only regret is not getting his name and company name so I could call and complain. I will definitely be buying a no soliciting sign for my front door after that though!

Oh and I guess this was more of a rant than an open letter so here ya go...

Dear door to door sales men and women and solicitors,

Leave me alone. When I want or need something I will look you up and invite you to my home.


Nikki West

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