It's rare for a tornado to appear in the Gem State. What happened on May 31st is pretty much unheard of.

This isn't something you're going to read about often in Idaho. On Thursday, May 31st, multiple tornadoes were confirmed to have touched down near Atomic City, Idaho. Four tornadoes, to be exact. Have you ever seen the movie Twister? Multiply that times four, and you'll kind of get an idea of what went down.

The first was said to have touched down around 4 p.m., with the additional three tornadoes occurring within the next 90 minutes. According to the National Weather Service, having one tornado touch down in eastern Idaho is rare, let alone four in a span of under two hours.

Luckily, no injuries were reported, nor was any property or structural damage. The twisters appeared to have touched down far from any people or properties. Last we heard, NWS said more tornadoes could be possible today (Friday, June 1st) but aren't very likely.

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