The Idaho State Police have issued a statement saying a man is dead after he and his 2008 Yamaha motorcycle crashed into a PT Cruiser in Twin Falls County yesterday morning.

The 100 deadliest days on the road in Idaho is officially over and Idaho did not do well.  we lost more than 100 people between Memorial Day and Labor Day this year due to accidents on Idaho roads.  That's a 10% increase from last year and unfortunately, that death toll keeps rising even though the 100 day period is over.

According to KTVB, 18-year-old Cyrus Sandmeyer of Twin Falls, Idaho failed to yield while driving his PT Cruiser and struck 58-year-old Michael Mumm who resides in Kimerbly, Idaho.  Mumm was injured badly and not able to survive.  Investigators are combing through evidence and will release more information as it is available.  We can only pray for Mumm's family and close friends.  We're so sorry for your loss.

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