Employees came in for their regular beginning of the week mandatory meeting on Monday morning and there was only one thing discussed.  Everyone is out of the job, immediately.  Wingers in Rexburg, Idaho is officially no more.

Anyone who's been fired knows the feeling.  Your life flips upside down and you can't seem to make sense of what to do or where to go next or really anything for that matter.  Radio hosts get fired often.  It's the nature of the beast.  We all know it and we all continue so no use in crying over it.  When you get let go at a radio station it's almost always immediately.  That means you have five minutes to pack up your stuff and get out.  Trust me I know.  I've been there.  I feel the pain.

A lot of the employees say they felt this coming but not so quick and not without any type of warning so they could prepare somehow.  According to East Idaho News, the reasoning is ALL about money.  They were paying out much more than they were bringing in.  It's that simple.  Oh, and get this.  Wingers tells their employees there will be no severance BUT you can stay on a few extra days and help us close down the store.  And we'll pay you for that.

Wingers released this statement...

Wingers Restaurants is saddened to announce that the Wingers has closed for business at its Rexburg, Idaho, location. We are working diligently to assist the Rexburg staff to obtain other employment in the area, and have offered them temporary continued employment with us while we work to move equipment and clean the building. We are hopeful that Wingers might be back again in the Rexburg area in the future, but likely in a different location. Wingers would like to thank the people and the city of Rexburg for many great years for allowing us to be a part of the community. Wingers has 5 other locations in Idaho, including Pocatello, and are currently looking to open a new Wingers Restaurant & Alehouse in the Idaho Falls area.

There was a Winger's that closed out in Idaho Falls back in 2014 but no word on this becoming a trend.  All Winger's here in the Treasure Valley seem to be doing well.  Plenty of foot traffic, money's coming in, and business is solid.

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