Before you get too wound up, it's looking like things will be o.k. here in the Boise area.  Well, at least when it comes to snow, wind, slick roads, and treacherous conditions.  We do have an 80% chance of rain tomorrow according to KTVB but we're supposed to hit 50 for a high so snow and slick conditions DO NOT seem like they'll be a problem.  That's Boise.  The rest of Idaho is in for a doozy.

The National Weather Service has predicted some nasty weather for Eastern Idaho from now through Friday.  Nast weather includes snow, freezing rain, and wind.  That's a bad combination for anyone driving.

As much as 2 to 5 inches of snow is expected in the cities of Holbrook, Preston, Malad, McCammon, and Lava Hot Springs.  Freezing rain sometimes is worse than snow and most of Eastern Idaho will see that over the next couple of days.

With the wind kicking up, drifts and blowing snow are both not just possible, but probable.  This makes driving conditions very dangerous and whiteout conditions will also be a factor for those commuting.

If all that's not enough.  Pocatello's supposed to have major flooding because they're getting so much snow which will be followed up by rain.  Please do your best to drive safely if you need to commute in these areas.  If you do not HAVE to commute, please do not.

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