An shooter was stopped in Boise just outside the Shredder music venue on Sunday according to KTVB. The venue is located just south of downtown Boise and had a Seattle based heavy metal group called Greyhawk performing along with some other bands. The base player in the band named Darin Wall spotted a guy in the crowd that gave him a weird feeling right away.

According to Darin the man, later identified as 26 year old Ethan Byrd was pointing to the crowd with finger guns and pretending to shoot people. That would give me a pretty uneasy feeling too.

According to an interview that Darin Wall did with KTVB, a member from another band kept Ethan Byrd outside which clearly made him angry. He then walked to his car and came back with a gun.

"I saw him reach behind his back and grab the gun. That's when I moved in," Wall said in the KTVB interview. "No other options went through my head."

The Seattle based band member said he kicked Ethan Byrd on the inside of his leg and the two began to wrestle. As Darin was trying to get the gun out of Ethan's pant pocket, Ethan shot Darin in the upper thigh. At that point Darin fell and Ethan ran away.

The police came to the scene quickly and Darin was treated for his gunshot wound later at Saint Alphonsus. It didn't take Boise Police long to find and arrest Ethan Byrd. In fact it was within minutes, according to the press release. It turns out they were already looking for him due to previous reports of him brandishing a pistol.

Ada County Sherriff's Office, Ethan Byrd
Ada County Sherriff's Office, Ethan Byrd

Darin our Seattle based hero is now home healing and said he is happy no one else got hurt. It seems like the situation could have been a lot worse. He also said that he will be back in Boise to play soon.

Thank you again to Boise Police for their quick response and for finding the suspect quickly.

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