23-year-old Charles "Charlie" McBride of Challis, Idaho had been missing for weeks before authorities found the remains of his body that were burned and buried in the Morgan Creek drainage.  The authorities now think they have their man.

Originally, the Custer County Sheriff's Department considered 36-year-old Ben Savage a possible suspect.  Three days after McBride went missing the Morgan Creek area which is where Savage works was investigated.  The #1 thing authorities were looking for was some kind of hole that possibly had been dug for a body but they found nothing.

After McBride's boy was just found this week in that exact area, Sheriff Deputies arrested Savage at the Idaho Falls Regional Airport and he has officially been charged with the murder of Charles McBride.

There are a lot of details we're not getting on this case so far.  How did these two know each other?  What are the possible motives?  Why was the body burned?  We'll keep you posted as more information is released.  Below is a Facebook post KTVB shared that was originally posted by the Custer County Sheriff's Office but has since been taken down.

Custer County Sheriff's Office
Custer County Sheriff's Office

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