With all the doom and gloom in the news lately, here's one you can click and feel good about.

The Idaho Department of Labor just reported that the Gem State just saw it's lowest unemployment rate. Like, ever. Like, since they started keeping track of it in 1976. As in, there are less folks unemployed in Idaho than ever before. This is really good news! We're currently sitting at a 2.8% unemployment rate, and as of this writing about 800,000 Idahoans are working and making that money.

So, why? And how do we keep it going? Lt. Governor Brad Little explains:

Idaho continues to be a national leader in growth in jobs and incomes. But we cannot let our foot off the gas. We must work with local leadership, the business community, and entrepreneurs in every part of the state, ensuring no community in Idaho is left behind.

Looks like now is a great time to get a job in Idaho...just make sure you aren't choosing one of the worst jobs for the future.

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