Any Taco Bell fan would relish in the chance to check out this incredible spot. The beachfront Taco Bell is making a big buzz on TikTok and it is being called The 'nicest Taco Bell in the world'. Did I mention it also serves booze? Yup, its pretty perfect. Only problem is you have to be in Pacifica, California to have the dine in experience. But don't worry since a trip to Cali most likely isn't on your short list of priorities anytime soon. I will help you experience through photos. This place really is amazing.

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This local and tourist favorite has been a favorite since the 1980s and just last year it got some upgrades and a facelift. Now the place is virtual worthy as TikTok proved last week. Travel influencer Megan Homme recently visited Pacifica location, calling it the "nicest Taco Bell in the world" on TikTok. Since Homme posted the video earlier this week, 1.4 million people have watched her tour of the Taco Bell.

I had no idea that there was such a thing as Taco Bell Cantinas where they serve booze through twisted freezes and also local beer. Um, who knew Taco Bell had all that going for them? For this very special location, during the recent upgrade they added surfboard parking and an indoor and outdoor fireplace. They also keep it 'green' with compost and recycle bins available throughout. One other thing that makes this location ultra special is that the location's franchisee owner Golden Gate Bell added a mural from local artist Nora Bruhn that gives it that extra pizzazz.

Nicest Taco Bell


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