Sometimes you just want to eat and eat and go back for more!! Here's the Best Buffet you'll find in Boise. 


A new survey by reveals the "Best Buffet's" in every state. In Idaho the "Best Buffet" is right here in Boise, it's...



Madhuban is an Indian restaurant. I just passed by it the other day and thought, hum an Indian Buffet, that sounds really good, but I didn't know it was this good!


"Best India food in the city!"

"Lunch buffet is fabulous but we usually leave feeling bloated and overstuffed... no one else to blame but us."

"Abusolutely THE best Indian food in Boise! Probably the best I've had since Sitar in NY."


Madhuban is opens everyday at 11 am and is located at

6930 W. State Street - Boise

(208) 853-8215


Bring on the Buffet!!

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