Mexican food is hands down my favorite, so show me a good, cheap, burrito and I am there!

According to a new study by that reveals the "Best Cheap Burrito" in every state, the burritos at Taqueria La Flama in Boise are the best bang for your buck.

The wet chicken burrito is the most popular item, but to be honest, I couldn't even find it on the menu! (So it may be one of those secret menu items that you have to ask about.) Taqueria La Flama did get 4 1/2 out of 5 stars on Yelp and most menu items got rave reviews.

Apparently, the portions are pretty big and I did notice they have tacos for just a $1.75. The green salsa is also reportedly amazing!

It looks like very authentic Mexican food, so this is definitely a place I want to check out and I'll report back on the "wet chicken burrito."


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