What was your first experience with a food truck?

I remember mine, I was working for a mortgage company after high school and every morning we would have a food truck show up. Now, this was back in 2003 when I don't think food trucks had become such a craze, this was when food trucks were called "roach coaches" and any other nickname I'm sure you and your friends had for them.

Have you watched any of the food truck shows on TV?

They have an endless list of food truck show on TV/Streaming platforms which have helped escalate expectations from food trucks.

What I love about food trucks though is that they give a creative person who wants to share their passion for cooking and they can do that without having a brick-and-mortar location.

Since I'm still new to the Boise area, I wanted to reach out to our listeners and find some great local food trucks, so I asked.

I have had The Sammie Shack which was awesome, I had a breakfast sandwich and it was delicious.

So which food trucks were mentioned most?

In no particular order, here are the food trucks that people have been to in 2022:

Just so you understand these are recommendations for food trucks in the area. Earlier this year though this list of the Best Food Trucks in the Treasure Valley was put together. Maybe time for an update?

According to Locals: 34 of the BEST Treasure Valley Food Trucks

The people of the Treasure Valley love delicious food and they love convenience. Combine those two things? Pure magic.

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