The kids and I ventured off to Settler's Park today and we had an absolute blast! Here's your guide to the best parks in the Treasure Valley!

As the weather warms up, I love discovering all that there is to offer outside! Settler's Park is one of the best parks I've ever been to! It's really clean with a huge playground, multiple tennis courts, and lots of grass where kids can play soccer, football, and tag. Settler's Park is at the corner of U-Stick and Meridian Rd. If you've been living in the dark like me, you should check it out! Settler's Park isn't the only great park in the Treasure Valley though. Here's some parks you may want to visit in your area!

If you are in the Boise area click HERE to find a list of kid friendly parks such as Ann Morrison Park, Barber Park and Julia Davis Park. You'll find over a dozen Boise Parks on the list!

When Mayor Tammy de Weerd first moved to Meridian over 20 years ago, the city only had one park and it's been one of her big missions to change that! Today not only can you find Settler's park, but here's a list of 12 community and neighborhood parks in Meridian! 

Eagle also has a handful of beautiful parks you can discover HERE and if you live in Nampa you've got 25 different parks to choose from!

We live in such a beautiful area, so get outside and play today!

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