A lot of people whine and complain about where they work, but not at these Idaho places where there are fully stocked break rooms, meditation breaks, and even beer!


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    At TSheets they take a break for a daily "Minute to Win It" game; there's ping-pong, arcades, fully stocked break rooms, and even a $1500 vacation bonus! According to KTVB, they're a booming tech business that creates tracking and scheduling software.

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    Idaho Central Credit Union

    Idaho Central Credit Union says they actually trust their employees and they are one of the most family friendly companies.

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    CBH Homes

    Rumor has it that the Christmas parties at CBH Homes are insanely cool, plus they try to treat their employees like family. They want it to be a place where you can learn, love, and grow with your job.

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    Better Business Bureau

    They celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and do quarterly lunches for their employees. Another perk they do a 6% 401(k) match!

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    Tribute Media


    Tribute Media is a small web marketing agency with just 13 employees. They offer "Office Free Fridays" which mean you can work from home if you'd like. Employees can also set their own work schedules.