Watch out if you're in the Helena, Montana area.  Apparently, there's someone on the prowl hunting Bigfoot but Bigfoot is the last thing this guy ends up shooting at.  So what is he shooting at?  People!

There have been multiple reports from people in this area saying some guy in a black truck has shot bullet after bullet after bullet at them.  Imagine just taking care of your daily activities and bullets start whizzing by you and the more you run and attempt to take cover, the more the bullets keep coming.

According to East Idaho News, that's exactly what happened to a 27-year-old man whose name has not been disclosed and how did he know that the shooter was taking aim at what they thought was Bigfoot?  Because he finally caught up to the shooter in somewhat of a rage.  Which is understandable.  And the shooter apologized saying...

I thought you were Bigfoot.  I don’t target practice, but if I see something that looks like Bigfoot, I just shoot at it.

The cops were thinking this story was bogus because they couldn't find anyone matching the shooter's description and no black truck.  Oh, and the report that came in from this guy was 24 hours late AND he for some reason he doesn't want to press charges.  A lot of red flags with this story BUT... yep, there's a BUT here... another story very similar from the same area has come in from a woman who is also claiming that some guy was shooting at her.  She did not mention anything about Bigfoot but most of the other details were very similar to the 27-year-old man's story.

The Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Department is taking this case seriously because it is NOT o.k. for someone to just start shooting at anything they feel MIGHT be a sasquatch.

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