Ugh, I hate even writing that title but it's absolutely true. Over this past weekend we had our annual Christmas Party for our group of radio stations here in Boise. Our bosses set up a very fun evening of dinner and drinks as well as casino games at the Amsterdam Lounge.

The evening started out tremendous as the food was catered by H & M meats and Catering. Upon entry to the event we also received a cup full of chips to gamble with in attempts to gain more for more entries into the wonderful prizes that were being given away. Plus, multiple drink tickets, which are always great but I had decided not to drink seeing as how I was hosting the party at the Buffalo Club later that night.

Here is where the night got interesting. I was sitting down playing Blackjack and doing pretty well too (thanks to our fabulous dealer Jessica). I was starting to win big so I was cheering louder and louder. That is when one of our Account Executives Dustin stood right behind me without me knowing. The next hand I bet BIG and won BIG and yelled YES while throwing my fist in the air. Without knowing Dustin had leaned in behind me so I gave him an uppercut to the jaw. UGH!

Immediately I felt terrible because he instantly got a fat lip which started bleeding. Again, I am sober, so I ask him multiple times if he was okay, which he assured he he was. Although through the rest of the night he loved to show me the extent of his injury.

Toward the end of the night I made it up to Dustin by giving him a ride to the Buffalo Club so he could continue drinking and having a good time. As I write these details I still feel bad about what happened, but I swear I had no idea he was leaned in right next to me.

Because it was an accident this won't mean a meeting with HR when we are back in the office but what a story to tell.

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