I know, I know this statement makes absolutely no sense but yes, it's possible and it's happening right now.  It's happening to our neighbors in Montana.  A blizzard warning with no snow in the forecast.  So how does that work?  What the hay are you talking about?

According to Weather.com here's what defines a blizzard.

  • Winds must be 35 miles plus
  • Visibility is a quarter of a mile or less
  • Duration must be three hours or more
  • There's a lot of snow on the ground which will be blowing around

Here's what is not factored in for a blizzard.

  • Snowfall amount
  • Temperature
  • Geographical location

So our good friends in Montana are getting hit right now with high winds that are blowing snow that's already accumulated all over the place reducing visibility in a very big way meaning it's flat out dangerous to be on the roads at all and this is supposed to last all day.  Also, a little bonus for Montana... wind chill temperatures are currently at -20 degrees.  Yeeeowtch.  All of this considered and... you have your blizzard.

All of us here in Boise, Idaho feel for you Montana but we're not feeling too bad.  We had ours last year and God has blessed us this Winter with almost no snow here in the Treasure Valley and warm temperatures.  Yes, I'm gloating and yes, thank you Mother Nature for giving us a break this year.

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