The Bobby Bones Show teased a mystery guest for today's show (January 22) and as it turns out, it was none other than Bear Grylls.

Last year, Bones episode on Running Wild with Bear Grylls was released and fans couldn't get enough. They loved seeing Bones in a vulnerable state and really testing his limits with Grylls. Now, fans will be excited to know that he's headed back for another episode. This time, his fiancé Caitlin will be joining him. They are the first couple ever invited to do Running Wild with Bear Grylls. The show has never had a couple on, but Grylls believes the show will be the ultimate relationship builder. He says you can't hide when you're out in the wild, and you gotta face things together quickly. He compared it to a "pressure cooker of marriage," but instead of things taking 25 years to come out in marriage, things are going to come out within minutes.

Grylls confessed that him and Bones had so much fun filming last time, he thought why not do it again with his fiancé Caitlin. While Bones admitted that after the last filming, he said he would never do something like that again. He added that Caitlin is an athlete and loves adventure, so he thinks that she will dominate him in this episode.

Bones, Caitlin, and Grylls are off to film the episode this weekend, and believe the episode release will be sometime within the year. Grylls also has his first movie coming out on Netflix next week. He filmed You vs. Wild as a Netflix series first, but they decided to turn it into a movie. They've already filmed it and the movie version of You vs. Wild will be released next week.

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