Bobby Bones and his girlfriend Caitlin are having a big debate at their house.

They have started to decorate their new home together. Bones shared on The Bobby Bones Show that he doesn't really care what decorations go up at their house, so he encouraged Caitlin to do what she wanted. However, she wanted to purchase some antlers to put up on the walls and thats when Bones jumped in and said they can't do that.

Bones said they can't hang up antlers at their house unless either he or Caitlin killed the deer because otherwise it's not real and goes against everything Bones was raised on. After some discussion, Bones told Caitlin that he wasn't going to kill anything because he doesn't hunt anymore, so really it was on Caitlin. They decided that the only other way they could hang up antlers was if the generation above them killed it, so Caitlin's father or Arkansas Keith.

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