Bobby Bones and his girlfriend Caitlin have been dating for almost 9 months now. The two of them just moved in together during the coronavirus pandemic. She moved from California to Tennessee so they no longer had to be long distance.

Things have been going really well for the two of them, but it wasn't until recently that Bones found out things may have never happened for the two of them if it wasn't for some divine intervention. Caitlin confessed to Bones that on the night they were supposed to go out for the first time, she almost didn't go. She said that she just really wasn't feeling the idea of going out and she didn't even think it was a date. Not only that, Bones had to push back the start time of the date a few times due to filming he was doing in Los Angeles.

But despite his constant changing of the time, and Caitlin not really wanting to go, she shared that she felt God was really pushing her to go despite all of her negative feelings. So she did, and realized shortly into the date that it actually was a date.