Bobby Bones has been doing the press circuit for his upcoming role on the new season of American Idol. During the press circuits, he got a chance to talk with Parade Magazine where he opened up about his relationship with Caitlin along with his most proud accomplishment.

Parade asked Bones why he kept coming back to mentor American Idol contestants, what fans can expect for the new season and if there were any big changes coming to the long-running show. Along with him discussing the past American Idol contestants, Bones shared some details about his new TV show Breaking Bobby Bones like why he created the show and what fans are going to be seeing with him. Before being done with the interview, they asked Bones about his most proud accomplishment to which he responded his win on Dancing With The Stars because the show is ultimately how he met his now fiancé Caitlin. He added a sweet remark about being a romantic with Caitlin and how she opened his heart to love.

Bones also shared the hardest thing for him this year, which has been watching those close to him get COVID-19.

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