Bobby Bones' fiancé Caitlin came by the show to see Craig Morgan perform, but before he came in, the two of them openly talked up their upcoming nuptials.

Recently, Caitlin went wedding dress shopping in Nashville. Some of her friends came into town and they went to The Dress Theory. Caitlin shared that she tried on a few dresses and actually ended up finding the one during her first time there. She said when she put on the chosen dress she got really emotional. She was overwhelmed with her emotions and excitement of getting to marry the love of her life, Bobby. All of her friends there were also crying, and her mom was on FaceTime and started crying after seeing her in the dress.

As for what Bones plans to wear during the big day, Caitlin and him shared that they haven't quite come to an agreement. He really wants to wear a fire engine red tux, like the color of Arkansas' red. However, Caitlin doesn't want that color, and instead she has suggested other reds like burgundy, maroon and a Sooners' Crimson. She believes those colors would fit better with her dress and the venue. But Bones didn't like any of those options, so he has decided to wear a traditional black tux.

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