his fiancé Caitlin are in the middle of planning their wedding after getting engaged last month.

Every day on The Bobby Bones Show, Bones shares some details about their wedding planning. Recently he revealed that he was given one wedding task from Caitlin, because he has tried to stay out of most of things as to not mess anything up. That one wedding task is choosing the music. He shared that he most likely wants to get a DJ and a live band, but at this point he's not sure who he will get. He also added that they do have a wedding planner Caitlin's been working with.

Then today he shared that he and Caitlin have decided they don't want to have a wedding registry, because they don't need anything. But they have been told they need to have an option for guests to do something for them, so they're in the process of figuring out what to do in lieu of gifts.

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