Bobby Bones has always been open about his roots in Arkansas. Since leaving his hometown, Bones has been sure to give love back to his home town and his home state because he's very thankful about where he comes from. So much so that Bones even has a tattoo on his arm of the state of Arkansas.

On Twitter, Bones got a question from a fan about Chris Stapleton's brand new song "Arkansas." The song dropped on Friday (October 23), and a fan wanted to know how Bones felt about the new song. Bones replied, but instead of just posting a tweet, he replied with a video. In it, Bones shared that the new song made him oddly emotional. He said it was upbeat and rockin' and then all of the sudden, he got oddly emotional. He believes it was because of the positivity Stapleton spoke of Arkansas. He says it was a rare time that someone was positive about Arkansas, because normally people speak negatively about where he's from like calling Arkansas and the people who live their hillbillies or rednecks.

After addressing that the song made him emotional, Bones shared that this is why he likes to help people out from his state so much so that he can give them some love and understanding about the state they come from.

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