Bobby Bones is always posting up things about his life on his Instagram page. They typically include his fiancé Caitlin or their two dogs, Stanley and Eller.

Recently, Bones posted a video of their dog Eller. The vet gave them a suggestion to help work out Eller's energy by letting her walk on the treadmill with supervision. Turns out that Eller loves the treadmill. So they've been letting her on the treadmill while they're working out. Whenever they turn off the treadmill, Eller will lay on it and whine because she wants them to turn it back on. Bones shared a video of her walking and a photo of her laying on the treadmill and he got some major heat in the comment section for it.

Some said it's animal abuse, while others were commenting on the whole Peloton controversy. Though Bones wasn't not excited about all the trolls, he assured people it was vet recommended and they're always around her when it happens.

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