During The Bobby Bones Show Post-Show on Thursday (May 13), the show was talking about marriage and Bobby Bones admitted something most listeners probably already assumed.

Bones turned 40-years-old last year, shortly before getting engaged to his fiancé Caitlin. Leading up to that, Bones had been in some serious relationships, however he had never said the words "I love you" to any romantic partner. That was until Caitlin. While talking on the Post-Show, Bones admitted that everything changed when he met Caitlin. Up until their relationship, he never thought he would get married. He never even talked about the idea of marriage to any of his friends until Caitlin. He admitted at one point he thought that it just may not happen for him.

Fast forward to now, Bones is getting married to Caitlin this year. He has said "I love you" to her and of course, they talk about all the things he never imagined he would be talking about with a partner

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