Bobby Bones got engaged to his fiancé Caitlin this past weekend. Bones has slowly been sharing the details of everything that happened the night of his proposal. He has shared 
what he said to Caitlin during the engagement, we've 
 who performed for them privately, and now Bones is revealing how his conversation with her father went.

Bones shared that the week before the proposal was set to happen, he sent Caitlin's father a voice memo text. He told him that he was going to call him later because it was time to talk about Caitlin. He did that to avoid any awkwardness.

When Bones called later that evening, he told Caitlin's father that he had the ring and was planning to give it to her that weekend. He shared that it was important to him and Caitlin that he gives his blessing to them for an engagement and marriage. Caitlin's father said "of course," and Bones had his full approval.

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