Bobby Bones and Caitlin are getting married sometime this summer.

The two of them have slowly been revealing details from the wedding over the last few weeks during The Bobby Bones Show. Recently, Bones revealed that Amy and her daughter Stachira will be in the bridal party, and Amy's son will be the ring bearer. On today's show (January 20th), we finally found out one of the individual's that will be standing on Bones side.

Bones revealed that his best man will be none other than one of his best friend's and the other half of the Raging IdiotsEddie! He shared that he told Eddie before Christmas and they've kept the secret ever since. Eddie confessed that he's really excited to be part of the big day because they've been talking about Bones and his possibility of getting married for years. He also added that he was very teary eyed when Bones asked him to be the best man.

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