Something really big has happened for Bobby Bones! For the first time ever, Bones has said "I love you" to his girlfriend Caitlin.

He revealed the big news during a Q&A on his Instagram page with his girlfriend. The two were taking questions while out on a picnic. One of the questions they answered from a listener revealed that Bones has told Caitlin that he loves her. For veteran listeners of The Bobby Bones Show, Bones has shared many times that he's never said "I love you" in a relationship... ever. So Bones telling Caitlin he loves her is a huge milestone for him.

While talking about it on the show this morning (September 9), Bones revealed that he told her "I love you" while they were watching TV. He wanted it to be a very grounded moment rather than some huge ordeal. He said that he had known he felt that way for a long time, but he just had a lot of issue speaking the phrase due to his childhood. But during a moment while they were watching television, he said "I love you" and Caitlin said it back.