Bobby bones and his girlfriend Caitlin have been together for several months and experienced a lot of things together. The two of them have been living together in Nashville since the beginning of the summer. Things are going really well and they are really happy.

A listener called into The Bobby Bones Show to find out if Bones and Caitlin have chosen a song that defines their relationship. He shared that they haven't really discussed a particular song, but there are a few songs that come to mind for him.

The song that reminds him of the first time they went somewhere together: Brooks & Dunn's "Neon Moon"

The song that reminds him of when they first met: Dua Lipa's "Don't Start Now"

The song Caitlin likes to play for him, kind of joking, kind of not: Jesse &The Rippers "Forever"

The song Bobby thinks is most notably their song. This is the song that Caitlin heard live when she first thought Bobby was the one: Mat Kearney "Nothing Left To Lose"