Bobby Bones Show listener called out Bobby Bones during the show today (April 19). She called in to let Bones know she recently read his first book Bare Bones: I'm Not Lonely If You're Reading This Book.

In the book, Bones wrote about who he believed would be his Best Man if he were to ever get married. He wrote that it would be Courtney, one of his lifelong friends. However, Bones noted with the listener that he wrote the book 7 years ago. And since then, a lot has changed in his life. Courtney lives in Houston, and Bones has grown really close to Eddie during those years. But he added that Courtney is definitely one of his groomsmen, he just felt Eddie was the right choice for his Best Man.

That makes 4 of Bones groomsmen that have been announced. Bones wedding party includes: Eddie as the Best ManArkansas KeithAhmad, and now Courtney as his groomsmen

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