Bobby Bones shared earlier this week that his fiancé Caitlin was doing something with their pup Stanley when there was an incident that injured Caitlin.

His first tweet about the incident on January 26th shared that despite their death defying adventures filming for Running Wild with Bear Grylls, Caitlin came back and got injured in a simple incident. She was walking their dog Stanley when he darted in front of her and swept her off her feet. In the fall, she hit the ground and caught herself with her hands. The incident may have broken her wrist and left her with some big wounds on both of her hands.

He shared on Instagram yesterday (January 27), a video of Caitlin's one really injured hand. It was wrapped up in bandages and after taking off the bandages, Caitlin revealed her wrist that had a massive open wound and a really bruised up wrist.

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