Bobby Bones is about to marry his fiancé Caitlin in a few months, and the marriage will mark a lot of special things for Bones.

One thing he's struggling with is what to call his soon-to-be father-in-law. Bones has never had a major father figure in his life, because as most listeners know he grew up without a dad and his grandmother raised him. Arkansas Keith is the closest thing Bones has to a father-figure in his life, but even still Bones never called Arkansas Keith dad. Now, he's struggling to figure out what he feels comfortable calling his soon-to-be father-in-law.

Eddie confessed that he calls his in-laws by mama and dad, but Amy and Lunchbox said Eddie's the minority in that aspect. They call their in-laws by their first names. Bones admitted that he had a conversation with his father-in-law about what to call him, and Caitlin's dad said he's comfortable with Bones calling him by his first name. However, that makes Bones feel uncomfortable still so he just keeps calling him "hey you," and "hey man" rather than identifying anything in particular

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