Over the Halloween holiday weekend, Bobby Bones spent his time filming in the Grand Canyon.

Bones was in the Grand Canyon to film for his new TV show Breaking Bobby Bones coming out on National Geographic sometime next year. The episode is about the cleaners who clean underneath the skywalk at the Grand Canyon three times a year. So Bones had to put on ropes and climbing equipment so he could be suspended above the Grand Canyon.

While talking about the experience on The Bobby Bones Show, Bones shared that he's terrified of heights. So this was a hard episode to film for him, at one point he thought about just stopping and letting the episode "break" him. However, he didn't want to let that happen and managed to push through. He didn't share how the filming ending as to not give anything away. But he did confess that at one point, his fiancé Caitlin, who was listening in to his audio, started crying. She was upset because Bones was obviously afraid and she was afraid for him.

Listen below as Bones talks about the entire experience and being terrified.

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