Tebow took home The Heisman in 2007 while playing as the starting quarterback for the Florida Gators. The athlete nicely donated six months with the coveted trophy to a charity auction last year, and none other than Bryan and his wife Caroline snatched it up.

The trophy got delivered to the Bryan's home right before the longtime rivals Georgia/Florida 2020 game. Ever since the delivery, there's been no shortage of funny videos with the trophy from Bryan's home.

So far Bryan has shared videos with Tebow's Heisman trophy featuring the trophy being used as a bath towel rack, a hat rack, dishtowel rack, a barbell, and then a peanut butter dispenser for a bulldog. That bulldog was actually Bobby Bones dog Stanley. Bryan asked to borrow Stanley for the brief video.

Since posting the video on Instagram, the video was also shared on ESPN. Basically, Stanley is now really, really famous.

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