Bobby Bones and his girlfriend Caitlin have been spending a lot of time at Sonic Drive-In because it's one of her favorite places. Caitlin has a special connection to the fast food spot due to her Oklahoma roots and her time in college.

During The Bobby Bones Show yesterday (August 10), Bones shared that he created a special drink at Sonic that consists of water with fresh fruit and nerds. He coined it 'The Bobby Water' and told listeners to go get it because it was such a great drink. However, it turns out that his girlfriend Caitlin was really the one behind the drink.

During today's show (August 11), Caitlin texted Bones and told him that he needed to come clean. So she called into the show and shared that she was the one who actually came up for the idea of the water, and she wanted him to come clean about his lie. She said she didn't really care what it was called, but she just wanted people to know that it wasn't his idea.