It's one of those things that the Treasure Valley just seems to do best: giving back. Every year, hundreds if not thousands of charity efforts happen right here in our area and it seems like ALL of them see success. I say this over and over and always in a different context-- yet never untrue: Nobody loves Boise more than Boise. People that move here and don't embrace it stick out like sore thumbs. People that live here and LOVE it, couldn't understand why anyone would want to live ANYWHERE else!  Boise is my hometown-I love this place with my entire heart--there will be a day it's time to pack up and roll onto a new adventure but I'll always brag about THIS place.

The offer being put out by a handful of local auto shops here in the Treasure Valley is just one of the things that proves my point so true.

With Veterans Day coming up (yes, it's already November), five awesome auto repair shops here in the Treasure Valley are going to be giving FREE oil changes--no fine print--to any veteran or active duty military member that goes by. The offer runs on November 8th and November 11th. Does this apply to you or someone you know? Make sure you're taking note and claiming what these awesome businesses WANT to be yours!

On Friday, November 8th:

  • Garry's Automotive on S. Cole Road

On Monday, November 11th:

    • Maz-Tech Automotive on W. State St. in Boise
    • Tune-Tech on W. Fairview Ave. in Boise
    • Heritage Auto Repair on N. Linder Rd. in Meridian
    • Modern Auto Service on S. Pennsylvania Ave. in Fruitland

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