Hurricane Florence has officially made landfall on the East Coast, and it's gearing up to be a devastating storm. Unfortunately, with natural disasters the loss of life and property are inevitable. However, there's one company based right here in Boise that is on the front lines hoping to save as many homes as they can.

According to KTVB, owner of Flood Defense Group, Keith Anderson was called to help the town of Charleston, South Carolina ahead of Hurrican Florence. He and his team had "boots on the ground" placing different types of barriers around homes that will take a hit from Florence. Anderson told KTVB, " I have water-filled barriers, I have essentially gravity barriers - uses the weight of water itself to hold water back, and then I have soil-filled barriers. So those are the three different types of barriers I've currently deployed to South Carolina.”

Anderson anticipates he'll be staying in the area for another week or so until the hurricane dwindles down, but says that everyone there "has their game face on and we're prepared to fight the flood.” We're sending our thoughts and prayers to all the evacuees, and those who have chosen to weather out the storm, like Anderson. God bless!

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