When you're in a scary situation with someone that may cause you harm, you may not want to take the chance in calling 911 right in front of them. But how do you get ahold of police to notify them that you're in danger? Well, luckily one Boise bus driver had the clever idea to use his vehicle to alert authorities.

Here's what happened (according to KTVB), just before 7 p.m. last night a man later identified as Nzansabandi Niyomugabo, started causing a disturbance on a ValleyRide bus in downtown Boise. Niyomugabo started becoming belligerent to other passengers, even punching and breaking a window. The driver of the bus (who has not been identified), quickly put up a flashing marquee sign (that appears on the front of the bus) alerting passerby to contact police. The quick thinking worked! Dispatch received several calls, and police were able to take him into custody despite refusing commands, and even biting an officer!! Kudos to the bus driver and of course our police officers for responding quickly! Read the full story HERE.

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