Wow, this is the craziest of the crazy. I honestly don't even like talking about this guy and giving him the time of day, but I guess we should all know what level he's taken the crazy to. 

Timothy Kinner stabbed and killed 3-year-old Ruya Kadir at her birthday party back in June. He also stabbed 8 other people during his violent spree at the Wylie Street Station Apartments.

Now, he wants to legally change his name to "Eternal Love" because as he says in the hand-written petition he wants to make the change because it is his "God-given right and the title he wants to be known and remembered by."

Get this, he has also asked the court to waive fees associated with the name change because as an inmate he doesn't have any money.

The petition will go before a judge on March 19th, but luckily, according to KTVB, the case may never get off the ground. Idaho law places restrictions on minors, child sex-offenders, and this is where they may get Kinner, it's unclear what rules apply to people awaiting felony charges.

Prosecutors intend to seek the death penalty if Kinner is convicted of first-degree murder. The only thing standing in the way is if Kinner is not sane enough to stand trial.

The murder trial was originally slated for this month but has been pushed back to January 2020 to give them time to determine if Kinner is competent to stand trial.

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