Owning your own business is very competitive and very difficult.  Owing and operating your own 'food' business is even tougher.  With the continued growth in the Boise area competition continues to get steeper, overhead higher, advertising more expensive, and standing out as something special more and more difficult.

We don't have specifics on exactly why Shige's Japanese Cuisine shut down but according to KTVB, last night was the last time they'd be open, selling sushi, laughing with customers, and experiencing a sushi hot spot has that has been here in Boise since 1992.  To some of us old people, 1992 doesn't sound so long ago but think about it.  1992 was 26 years ago!  More than a quarter of a century.  Yeah... that's long.

Thank you to Sige Matsuzawa for bringing more than just Sushi to Boise.  You brought a place that families loved, conversations were had, date nights, late nights, and fantastic food.  Thank you!

100 N. 8th Street, Suite 215 
Boise, ID 83702
(208) 338-8423

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