I love Chinese food! My wife and I usually have Chinese food Sunday nights on the couch in sweatpants, but I can also go for Chinese food a couple of times a week. I don't, but I definitely could.

I recently stumbled upon a list from Lovefood.com of "The Best Chinese Restaurants In Every U.S. State" and wanted to know where it was in Idaho.

Lino R. - Yelp
Lino R. - Yelp

What's your go-to Chinese order? That's the Sesame Chicken.

That's something I would order because  I love sesame chicken and I always go for half rice and half noodles.

Here's their Chicken Chow Mein

Lino R. - Yelp
Lino R. - Yelp

Hungry yet? Don't worry I'll tell you where to get the best Chinese food in Boise soon, but let's find out what people are saying on Yelp.

Thomas W. - 10/2/2022 

Great place for Chinese takeout. Resonably priced. Good selection and quic. Will definitely go back.

Judy J. - 7/16/2022

This is a reliable source of tasty Chinese food. My favorite is shrimp and lobster sauce - always delicious!

Joshua M. - 6/12/2022

The best Chinese food in Boise and the durrounding areas and it's not close. The portion size, the taste, the quality and everything about my meals have never been anything less than perfect.

Are you ready to find out who has the best Chinese food in Idaho?

Lino R. - Yelp
Lino R. - Yelp

According to Lovefood.com

All the main dishes at family-owned restaurant Guang Zhou are made to order, and it shows. For many customers it’s the best Chinese food around. The menu is comprehensive and the portions are generous, with standout dishes including the orange beef and chicken in teriyaki sauce. Wait times can be slightly longer than usual because it’s all freshly made, but it’s well worth it.

Where Will You Find The Best Chinese Food in Idaho?

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