There has been a lot of talk about the In-N-Out opening in Meridian and Boise. In-N-Out fans are excited about enjoying their favorite items, but what about the chaos that comes with it? 

The long lines, impatient patrons in line, just trained new employees, and the overwhelming number of people who want their double-double and animal-style fries could frustrate some people. 

Is that what happened in Santa Clarita, California, over the weekend?

We aren't exactly sure what had happened to cause the altercation, but according to ABC 7, the video they obtained "captures the whole fight, and shows two women get out of the front car and begin throwing unknown substances at the car behind them. Then, several people got out of the second car, including two adult women and kids that appear to be teenagers, and began yelling at them." 

No arrests were made after deputies arrived because no one wanted to press charges. 

What happened when In-N-Out opened in Aurora, Colorado? 

The Denver Post reported that despite the Aurora Police Department updating the wait times, there was still a 14-hour wait time at the In-N-Out drive-through. 

How long are you willing to wait in line for In-N-Out? 

In-N-Out started construction on their Meridian location in late March, expected to open in September 2023. The first Idaho In-N-Out will be located at 3520 E. Fairview and will seat 84 guests inside and another 32 outside. The drive-through will have enough room for 41 vehicles and on-site parking for 47. 

Wild In-N-Out Video Captures Altercation

I really wish we knew why this altercation started, but since we don't, we won't speculate. Keep scrolling, and you can watch the actual video.

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