We've all seen the classic reality game on T.V., but these Boise kids took a little pretend play a little too far and burned down their neighbor's house playing "Survivor."

Three kids, two of them 8-years-old and one of them 11-years-old,  will not face criminal charges for accidentally burning down their neighbor's house and three sheds along the Boise Bench on Friday afternoon. Instead, they have to sit down with a school resource officer and attend a Juvenile Firesetters Program.

The incident happened along the New York Canal at Hervey and Malad. In their pretend play the boys dug a hole in the canal bank and covered it with a piece of tin in an attempt to make a makeshift camp stove according to the Idahostatesman.com. Trouble started when the fire ignited heavy brush along the canal.

The boys neighbor, Selso Anthony Antunes, was napping when the fire reached his house. He was lucky to get out unharmed and was able to move his truck out of the way, but his house is a total loss. Three sheds, one of them belonging to Antunes, also burnt down in the blaze.

It's a day these young kids will certainly never forget, and hopefully, they won't be taking their pretend play that far anytime soon.

Mr. Antunes is being helped out by the burnout fund.


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