I've NEVER been a fan of soccer. When I was growing up my sport was basketball. I dabbled in track and tennis, but for some reason soccer never interested me. My best friend played and go out and cheer her on, but that was about it. Until I met my husband, he played club soccer growing up (and was a stud might I add), so when our little one expressed interest, well, you could imagine how excited he was. So now i'm on the verge of becoming a soccer mom and actually watching (and enjoying) games on TV.

We were watching a match between the U.S. Women's Soccer team against France recently and I found out that one of the women on the team is a Boise native! Her name is Sofia Huerta. She attended Centennial High School where she played basketball, track, and soccer; receiving the Idaho Gatorade Player of the Year award twice in soccer.

Olivia Wade, an 8-year-old from Boise, recently got to meet Sofia (her "Soccer Hero") in Orlando. Maybe little Olivia is on her way to be the next big soccer star from Boise! You can see the WNT take on Mexico (which Sofia used to also play for) on April 5 (FS1, UDN), they play them again on April 8 (FOX). Good luck ladies! 

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