So yesterday after work I was STARVING!!! I was walking around downtown kind of aimlessly and stumbled upon this place, Chicago Connection.  I was like, "yo!  Some deep dish is EXACTLY what I need right now."  So I decided it was time for another episode of "Greg's Boise Pizza Adventures" :)

So I went inside saw the huge deep dish pizzas on the tables and knew right away that I had made the right choice.  I ordered an IPA and waited for my feast to arrive.  And once it you can see my eyes jumped with excitement........

Just even getting one of these big deep dish pieces onto a plate for a pic was a challenge! :-0

And even with as hungry as I was......there was NO WAY I was gonna be able to finish one of these pies all by myself.  No worries though!  Cuz don't you just love leftover pizza? ;)

So the final verdict: if you don't mind spending a little more (WELL worth it btw) this place is definitely worth checking out.  It'd be a great place for when you wanna take the whole family out for a pizza dinner (they do serve food other than pizza just so you know).  Absolutely delicious and I'll for sure be going back!

Click HERE for more info on Chicago Connection